About Crawl Space Ninja

How We Got Started

Crawl Space Ninja began when founder Michael Church was on a personal search for an effective air purification solution for his home in Tennessee. What he discovered was disappointing and didn’t meet his needs. He talked with other homeowners, realtors, and remodelers and they too agreed there was an immense and unmet need for high-quality indoor air quality services – in his hometown and across the country.

Homeowners everywhere are seeking a range of solutions from encapsulation and humidity control to odor elimination, mold removal, waterproofing, and foundation repair.

Crawl Space Ninja was created to fill this void and to provide homeowners with properly ventilated, well insulated, moisture-free crawl spaces, giving homeowners peace of mind knowing their crawl space isn’t impacting their home’s air quality or structural integrity.

Services We Offer

Any place where moisture or critters can compromise family life needs a Ninja solution. From vintage neighborhoods to new construction, our franchisees’ Ninjas have the training, knowledge, and support to provide the services homeowners need most:

• Crawl Space Encapsulation
• Crawl Space Vapor Barrier
• Crawl Space Dehumidification
• Crawl Space Foundation Repair
• Crawl Space Insulation

• Crawl Space Mold Prevention & Removal
• Crawl Space Ventilation
• Crawl Space Waterproofing
• Air Duct Sealing
• Crawl Space Doors

Meet Michael Church

Michael church smiling at the camera in a black crawlspace ninja shirt

Michael Church, Founder

Michael opened Crawl Space Ninja in 2005 after a personal search for better indoor air quality for his family. Michael oversees the territory development of the Crawl Space Ninja Franchise as it expands.