Crawl Space Ninja of Louisville, KY

Crawl Space Ninja Seeks Franchisee For Louisville, KY

It starts from the ground up to create a healthy home. Likewise, a healthy business starts from the ground up. As a franchise opportunity in an underserved sector of the home-improvement and home-repair industry, Crawl Space Ninja is unique. The United States has millions of homes with crawl spaces or basements today, and hundreds of thousands more are being built every year. Because of the dynamic real estate market, the need for inspections, renovations, and unexpected emergencies, Crawl Space Ninja is now available to qualified franchise owners.

Kentucky's largest city and the 28th most populous city in the country is Louisville. By the 2020 census, the city had a consolidated population of 782,969 and a metropolitan population of 1,262,287. Louisville's median household income is $60,891. A total of 497,106 homes are located throughout the area, and over 74,000 of them have crawl spaces.

There are three Fortune 500 companies in Louisville: Humana, Kindred Healthcare, and Yum! Brands, as well as the Louisville Slugger baseball bat and the Kentucky Derby. The main commercial airport in Louisville is Muhammad Ali International Airport, which is UPS's worldwide hub.

Today, Louisville is home to dozens of businesses and organizations from a wide range of sectors. Since the city's earliest days, the shipping and cargo industries have been the backbone of its economy. Located near the Falls of the Ohio, and within one day's travel time of 60% of the US's cities, it is a convenient location for cargo transfers along its route. Water and rail transportation in Louisville and Portland were closely linked by the Louisville and Portland Canal and the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. Louisville International Airport is the world's largest air-freight hub for UPS, maintaining Louisville's position in the shipping industry today. A major interstate highway (I64, I65, and I71) intersects Louisville, giving it modern-day strategic importance in the shipping and cargo industries. At Jefferson Riverport International, the Port of Louisville maintains its river shipping presence. Louisville ranks seventh among the nation's inland ports as of 2003. It is one of the largest manufacturing centers in the nation, with two major Ford Motor Company plants, as well as the headquarters and major home appliance factory of GE Appliances (a subsidiary of Haier). It is also the hub of the American whiskey industry, with about one-third of all bourbon whiskey coming from Louisville. In addition to having its headquarters in Louisville, Brown-Forman operates a distillery in the Louisville suburb of Shively. Heaven Hill operates its primary distillery, the Bernheim, near Brown-Forman's distillery. Other distilleries and related businesses can also be found in neighboring cities in Kentucky, such as Bardstown, Clermont, Lawrenceburg, and Loretto. Similar to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Louisville also offers its own "Urban Bourbon Trail", where tourists can sample at least 50 brands of America's only native spirit.

During the summer, Louisville is hot and muggy, while the winters are very cold and wet. Temperatures typically range from 28°F to 88°F throughout the year and rarely fall below 12°F or rise above 94°F. A relative humidity average of 76% describes Louisville's extreme seasonal variation in perceived humidity. In February and December, the relative humidity is at its highest (80%). In August and October, the relative humidity is lowest (73%). Due to the humid climate, mold spores, allergens, and other pollutants thrive here. These conditions favor potential crawl space encapsulation sales.

How Much Does A Crawl Space Ninja Franchise Cost?

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $49,000
  • Total Investment: $143,100 to $429,800
  • Working Capital: $40,000 to $60,000
  • Royalty Fee: 6.0%

Values and History

In 2005, our business enterprise had established its brand name and reached a level of leadership in its industry and community. Franchisees can take advantage of fresh opportunities with a fresh brand and a rich history of integrity and success.

Industry Performance

Offering a personal, no-pressure approach and providing a free home assessment by seasoned, professional project managers has earned the company its impeccable reputation. The company also provides written repair estimates for an easy communication process. We always stand behind our warranties and only use certified professionals and top-notch materials.

Training and Support

As part of our onboarding process, we provide orientation, instruction on our product line, sales and customer growth, along with further training as needed to help you begin and grow your business. A robust platform for operations and communication ensures you'll never be on your own. Including products, guidelines, and even metrics, we'll provide all you need to thrive.

Regardless of what direction your expansion takes, we'll make sure you're able to capitalize on that.


Business Model

A Unique Business Model: Crawl Space Ninja franchisees are offered a unique business model that allows them to corner their local market to become the leader in this high-demand and critical service.

The Difference: Crawl Space Ninja is different from other home improvement companies in that we focus only on crawlspace repairs and prevention measures. Instead of trying to offer additional services, we focus on our core competency, which makes us the experts in this field.

System Development: Our Franchisees have access to cutting-edge technology that eliminates many of the typical headaches associated with running a business.

Economic Advantage: The only professional company in the niche market, and Franchise Owners seldom face customer shortages. The average Gross Revenue per franchise location was $629,937 in 2021.

Why Franchisees Love Crawl Space Ninja

Crawl Space Ninja offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services that are highly in-demand. Not only do we work with individuals who want to buy or sell a home, but also with other industries, including realtors, pest control companies, and insurance companies.

Furthermore, Crawl Space Ninja makes a great addition to businesses looking to see how they can expand.

● Yard Drainage Systems
● Crawl Space Moisture
● Mold Infestation
● Dry Rot
● Air Duct Cleaning