Starting a Business – Do Your Research

We recently had a Discovery Day. This is when someone is interested in our business opportunity and they come to meet us. Since we are located in Knoxville, TN, some travel great distances for this event so you can bet they have done their research on our company and opportunity.

But it seems every time someone shows up they always ask; "Can you really build a business fixing crawl spaces?" The answer is yes. For many years we only fixed crawl spaces. We were not doing attic insulation. We chose not to waterproof basements and certainly did not clean and seal duct-work.

We chose to focus on crawl spaces for several years in order to fine-tune our craft and prove that someone can have a thriving business focusing on one service. Since then we have added other services like the ones mentioned above. We also do yard drainage and mold removal, but crawl space work still outperforms all our other services.

Is There a Business Opportunity with Crawl Space Ninja

Absolutely! We are not allowed to say you will be successful, but if you are looking for an opportunity for success, look no further than Crawl Space Ninja.

Besides, everyone's interpretation of success is different. In the beginning, success for me was keeping the creditors off my back. Success was also being able to have one parent work and one parent stay at home with the kids. Success for me was also not working all day and night and weekends so I could spend time with my wife and children.

Success for you could be totally different. Perhaps you want to build a multi-million dollar business. Maybe you want to create a business that you can one day sell. Maybe you'd like to pass your business on to your children. No matter what you consider success, is your business scaleable and able to fulfill your dreams and desires?

Research Your Customers

I did not want a fad business. I wanted a business that would be sustainable for as long as I live and even potentially for my grandchildren. The best I can tell is people will always live in houses. Contractors will always do horrible work. People will always hire contractors based on price, which is why they may do horrible work. Based on those factors and others, I feel like we have a sustainable business.

Research Your Industry

You see, most crawl space contractors are what I call plastic jockeys. They want to earn a couple thousand dollars and move on. I feel like crawl spaces are an opportunity to help improve indoor air pollution. Plastic does not fix indoor air quality problems. When you have a homeowner that is literally suffering physically due to poor indoor air quality, you have an opportunity to truly help someone.

Research How to Take Care of Your Employees

Our employees are our Ninjas. We have Sales Ninjas, Office Ninjas, Marketing Ninjas, and of course Crawl Space Ninjas. A Ninja, according to the internet, a common definition is

Ninja - "a person who excels in a particular skill or activity."

This is why you must take great care of your staff. We offer probably more paid days off than bankers. That is just one way you can reward your hardworking Ninjas.

Research Your Business Profitability

I know I keep picking on food industries and I don't mean too, but when I went to a franchise business convention I was shocked at how little profit there was in owning a restaurant. Is there little profit in all restaurants, no, but many that make 10% are considered great.

Choosing a business with great profit margins is certainly more attractive to me, but thousands are drawn to businesses that seem cool to own and operate but are not profitable. Being a Crawl Space Ninja may not be cool. But then again, that depends on your definition of cool.

After all, you get pretty filthy and it is hard work. But wow, it is fulfilling. Helping the homeowner solve issues not many know how to solve. Seeing that 18 year old with no college make more money than their friends with 4-year degrees. To me that is cool!

Thanks for reading this article. Please leave us comments below about what success means to you.

If you are looking for a great work-life balance and family-friendly business opportunity, I hope you will consider looking at our business model.

We are Crawl Space Ninja and our services include crawl space encapsulationbasement waterproofingattic insulationduct cleaning and sealingfoundation repair and yard drainage.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning about our opportunity.

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