Why Franchise?

All homeowners want a home that’s dry with good indoor air quality. But most have never been in their home’s crawl space and they aren’t looking to do so anytime soon. We understand. Most crawl spaces are built and maintained to the 1950s standards and not to today’s expectations1. That means they may suffer from moisture problems that can lead to poor indoor air quality, especially if left unchecked. With 30 to 50 percent of crawl space air entering a home’s living space2, it can make a home’s air more polluted than outdoor air3. So, a home’s crawl space cannot be ignored.

Crawl space foundations are widely used in building construction throughout the United States, with approximately 250,000 new homes built on crawl spaces every year and an estimated 26 million such homes already in existence. They are especially common in the southeast, where they are found in over 9 million existing homes and around 70,000 new homes per year.

Tap Into the Remodeling Industry

Our franchisees have successfully tapped into the $340 billion residential remodeling industry that’s fueled by Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers who are investing in home improvements to add value to their real estate while creating a clean, safe environment for their families.

Homeowner spending is on the rise for projects related to healthy homes and indoor air quality4. That’s good news for Crawl Space Ninja franchise owners looking to capitalize on the growing indoor air quality market.

The Franchise Industry is Growing

In 2017 THE FRANCHISE INDUSTRY GREW FASTER THAN THE OVERALL ECONOMY for a seventh consecutive year and shows no signs of slowing down. Franchising is a powerful economic engine, providing more than 120 different industries a way to sell products or services to consumers through independently owned and operated franchises.

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